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Alibaba Cloud Virtual Machines For WHMCS v1.0.0

Alibaba Cloud Virtual Machines For WHMCS


Alibaba Cloud Virtual Machines For WHMCS module has been well equipped to assist you with the provisioning and supervision of Alibaba Cloud instances, with all tasks handled intuitively in your WHMCS system.

Designed with user convenience in mind, the module will simplify the server management through such one-click actions as start, stop, reboot or shutdown. Your customers will be additionally allowed to access noVNC console and check full information on the network interface or scheduled tasks. Their possibilities are so wide-ranging that they even include providing their own initiation scripts to customize the server setup. As for your extended control options, the module will help you manage every detail that falls under the default server configuration as well as tailor the scope of features offered in your client area.

Having an industry-leading technology in place is one of the most fundamental enablers to strategic success. Place your order for Alibaba Cloud Virtual Machines For WHMCS today to build up new levels of customer interest and drive your business forward!

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