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Products Reseller For WHMCS v1.8.0

Products Reseller For WHMCS


The brilliance behind Products Reseller For WHMCS lies in its capability to equip you with a full toolkit for reselling your products, tracking income and handily managing your reseller groups straight in the confines of your WHMCS. The module also facilitates its own API aimed at allowing your resellers to offer products within any other chosen platform.

As a provider, once you configure the main product in WHMCS and create your own integration module to be installed by resellers in their systems, you will possess the ultimate freedom of handling all details of your reseller groups and setting up different pricing rates per each group individually. With equal ease, you will access truly valuable graphs and summaries on income generated from reselling your products, change their time scope and even choose the products you are interested in.

At the same time, your resellers will be empowered to oversee all key information on orders placed by acquired clients who, on the other hand, will be enabled to perform basic actions on ordered products later on. The module’s close integration with Proxmox VPS For WHMCS is a noteworthy addition here because with it, end clients will be able to perform additional operations on their Proxmox instances from within the account management panel in the client area.

Products Reseller For WHMCS is just the power boost your company needs to overtake the competition in a great style. Go for the module today if you aspire to expand the circle of satisfied audience and let your products be marketed with fierce efficiency, global scale and unrivaled comfort!

Price $50

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